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New Britain Chess Club is one of the strongest chess clubs in the state of Connecticut. Our club is home to several Masters, and a wide variety of players at all levels. Our club meets on Tuesday nights at the Assyrian Club on South Street in New Britain, Connecticut. We have frequent tournaments, many of which are open to outside players. Come and play or analyze with some of the strongest players in the state.

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Black to play and win in 3 moves
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  2014-07-22 - KramNitz Quick Tournament
  2014-08-24 - 49th - 2014 New Britain Summer Open
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  2014-07-01  - Blitz VII
  2014-06-24  - Open Quads
  2014-06-10  - 8th - 2014 Arkadijs Strazdins Cup tournament.
  2014-05-06  - Blitz V
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  Beginner |
Black to play and win in 3 moves.
  Intermediate |
Black to play and win in 3 moves.
  Advanced |
White to play and win in 5 moves.